Software Support

Zaptech can provide you with a complete computer hardware solution, whether you need a new network, new office PCs, more efficient set of servers, peripherals for your computer or phone systems, or any other technical enhancements to your office(s). The company is known to provide complete hardware installation, configuration, and training, all at a competitive price. We use our expertise in software technologies to deliver solutions that provide value to our clients by achieving business objectives such as reducing costs and improving business processes. We have implemented numerous projects on the popular technology platforms

Understand the business need

We strive to understand the environment and objectives of the organizations we support. We will work with you to elicit and define your requirements for effective solutions to your application development and outsourcing needs. Our teams have vast experience in technology and understand domain and business constraints.

Our services include

  • Software installation
  • Software upgrade
  • Driver repair
  • Error fixing

We offer our service through

  • Telephone assistance
  • E-mail assistance
  • On sight service
  • Online service

Our Clients

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