IT Consultancy can help you to plan your IT system. When you engage the help of a professional IT consultancy firm, what you pay for is cutting edge expertise in network infrastructure, server consolidation, disaster recovery solutions, and much more. Your in-house team could spend days researching each element of a system, then weeks or months installing, configuring, and testing it and still not get things right. Corporate and academic research and case-studies have shown again and again that outsourcing highly specialized tasks to experienced professionals is usually offset by savings in man-hours, regardless of the benefits and competencies an IT consultant can bring.


We Provide

We provide complete protection utilizing the latest and most secure applications and security methods. Ongoing maintenance preserves a working up-to-date anti-virus environment, where threats can be better pinpointed and eliminated before loss or damage to your system can occur. We will help you keep your data and communications safe and available at all times. If your network security has been compromised due to intruders, denial of service attacks, worms or viruses, we will get your network back up and running and ensure your network is secure. Our security experience allows our clients to obtain a level of data security, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery that could not be achieved on their own. They gain the security of knowing that their infrastructures are managed with industry-best security practices.

To avoid costly mistakes

Many companies purchase IT services and products without knowing their needs and resent technology. However, when you start to get into more technical decisions about more complex networking requirements or software purchases, this approach is not productive. Ad hoc investments can result in wasting money on inappropriate goods and services, and time and hassle to rectify poor decisions. We take a longer term approach to technology and work hard to ensure that hardware and software recommendations will satisfy the company's IT strategy for the foreseeable future.

What we do

We know that every business is different and has unique needs. We don't have a one size fits all approach to IT consultancy and we truly do tailor the consultancy service to your businesses needs both today and going forward. In some instances, we do single one-off pieces of work for a client, and for others we have an on-going, long term approach. Generally, we like to produce a structured IT Strategy document for the client and use this as the basis of our work. In some cases, a client will already have an IT strategy and will know exactly how their system must evolve to achieve the original goals they identified; in these cases we can work in tandem with the in-house IT team to ensure that the right solutions are selected and that any implementations are carried out in a manner that has a maximum positive impact on the business.

Our values

  • Adapt to the changing market conditions
  • Innovate continuously
  • Align IT with business goals
  • Optimize costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services
  • Integrate distributed operations and systems into a cohesive organization
  • Meet industry standards and compliance requirements
  • Leverage emerging technologies effectively

Your benefit

  • Provide objective challenges to established thinking
  • Promote and maintain the alignment of IT with business objectives
  • Deliver a robust, repeatable, efficient IT service to external and internal customers
  • Deliver value and improve control over the delivery of information systems and services whilst mitigating risk
  • Provide a method for measuring and managing performance
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations
  • Facilitate effective communication between IT and the business
  • Increase internal and external customer satisfaction with the IT function
  • Establish robust ROI and TCO metrics

Our methodology

  • Analyze your budget, project requirements and project specifications to make the most effective technological recommendations
  • Plan the entire project from start to finish, including business requirements, milestone development, risk analysis, implementation planning, testing and quality assurance
  • Provide the best engineers on staff who matches your project specifications
  • Implement the project at every level, from as-needed assistance to full project management and rollout coordination
  • Save time and money by leveraging the tools and experience of our talented engineers

Our Clients

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