Press Release Writing

We offer customized press releases to suit your individual needs and requirements. With Content, you can get your business successfully noticed through interesting press releases. We offer a number of packages to go with your specific needs. By having an online press release, you not only reach out to millions of people, but also, provide valuable information to your customers about your business. This results in people to get to know more about you and your organization, while increasing your sales and credibility. That is the reason why you need to hire an experienced press release writer who can shape your requirement by exploiting his years of experience and expertise.

The body copy of a press release should be free of jargons and any jumbled sentences. It should be kept formal and very apropos. It is vital to communicate to who, what, when, where, why and how aspects in a press release. Further, radical and logical information about the company is pivotal for a great press release to click. At the end, add relevant contact information about the company.

Importance of a good press release

  • Drive target audience to your business
  • Upgrades your search engine rankings
  • Organic way to build links
  • Help your pages get crawled by major search engines
  • Increase the reputation of your company

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