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Zaptech solutions are officially supporting Universal Film makers and Dubai tango.

Universal Film Makers

Universal Film Makers (UFM) is a nonprofit initiative of an Icon Art Production to support Independent Film Makers in UAE. We will serve independent film makers and promote the film in local and international market by building a professional branding of each film and create awareness in the Film Fraternity.UFM supports by offering state-of-the-art cameras and artistic supervision without any rental charges to the filmmakers in UAE. All the people involved in this non-profit initiative, will contribute time and expertise without any charge to enhance Dubai's position as a rising regional and international film making hub.

Tango Dubai

Since 2004 Tango Dubai has nurtured the Tango community with dedication & love. Tango Dubai also introduced many teachers conducted workshops by world renowned instructors and encouraged all the students to improve their level of dance and enjoy being part of community. TANGO DUBAI is and will remain a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION and wishes to continue the journey further with more transparency. Tango Dubai is reformed now to act as a platform where Tango enthusiasts and teachers alike can interact, share views and ideas, pictures, videos and information in order to achieve the vision and serve the community in a better.

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