Data Cables

As proven experts in IT infrastructure, we're here to help you. Having been in the business for Ten years, we have the experience to give you the best data cabling solution for your budget.

You’re Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 or fiber cabling requirement will be in our safe hands. We will ensure you have a reliable cabling infrastructure that give value for money and is exactly right for your business goals. Products alone are not the answer; it’s our skills and support that ensure you get the best from your investment.

Structured Cabling Installation

Zaptech install all kind of Data/Voice cabling needs with our factory certified installers. We install cat5e and 6. With the help of professional technicians and certified tools and materials Zaptech tests all data cabling to EIA/TIA standards using digital cable analyzers.

Independent Third Party Testing

Zaptech can inventory and test your existing wiring - often finding small issues that may cause expensive problems for your business in the future. Knowing the capabilities and limitations of your network will help you make decisions on the functionality of your existing premise wiring. We can also identify what needs to be done to bring your network up to current standards.

Maintenance Contracts

Based upon your needs and the condition of your existing system, Zaptech offers maintenance contracts customized to your network.

Moves, Changes, and Rearrangements

Whether you're moving one person in your existing office, adding staff, or moving to a new location, Zaptech can make the transition with you. We make your life easier by handling all aspects of your voice/data.

Zaptech offers a complete, one-stop cabling infrastructure turnkey solution.

Quality: our components, standards and implementation practices deliver exceptional reliability, security and performance for your communications infrastructure

Future Proof: inbuilt scalability means future-proofed solutions for structured and fixed-wiring installations. Your communications can quickly and easily be expanded, altered and linked to other systems.

Evaluate Objectives

Evaluate Objectives With daily system backups becoming a routine, downloading information must be done as quickly as possible, meaning data center cabling systems must provide fast data rates and be capable of reliably handling the stream of data while enabling migration to higher data rates when necessary. Pre-terminated components from reliable sources help to ensure consistent performance and eliminate the risk of system degradation or failure due to field termination. The driving force behind most data center designs is cost, but increasingly enterprises are taking the focus off the cost factor and view it as an essential investment. Flexibility is a key to designing a data center. Data centers are immediate revenue-generating opportunities, but cabling the entire facility at start-up represents a huge investment. Implementing data centers in phases on an as-needed basis allows owners and operators to invest revenue from one installation phase into subsequent phases. Simplified installation and upgrades reduce the need for bidding, quoting and relying on labor that often must be scheduled well in advance.

Solutions include

Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, Cat 8 for Copper and OS1, OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 for Fiber Optic

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