Business Continuity

Zaptech Solutions implements a set off comprehensive measures and procedures to ensure business continuity and reliability, with more than 13 years of experience creating websites and interactive media projects; we've had plenty of time to perfect our development process. We know a project is only as strong as the planning that goes in to it. That's how we've designed our Success.


We believe in user-centered design that is based on a deep understanding of our client's business, goals, users and competitors. Before brainstorming or planning your project, we need to fully understand all factors that will impact it. We customize our process to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. For large, design intensive engagements, our process will typically include the following steps.


The User research could include a combination of focus groups, interactive exercises or surveys. We work with you to determine the best research mix for your specific needs. We will also consider what research you currently have. Our clients are always included in the process, providing feedback about the survey questions, focus group topics, etc. We recruit your current clients as well as non-clients for this research.

We connect with a variety people in your organization with unique viewpoints. This gives us a thorough understanding of your company, goals, and perceptions about users. We find that this process also helps generate excitement and buy-in for the project within your organization.

Competitive analysis is an important part of understanding your marketplace and its trends. We provide a full analysis of your 2-3 closest competitors so our team and yours are fully aware of what else is out there. We also identify competitive advantages to focus on and opportunities to build upon.

Our discovery process also includes a review of all existing research you may have conducted. Some clients have already done some of the research mentioned above. In this case, our team reviews your research and summarizes all of the key takeaways we will need to take into the planning phase.


Planning and Architecture

We honor the important balance of usability and design aesthetics. Together, these determine the user's experience with your project. Our planning and architecture process focuses on the site's usability and functionality. This is where we brainstorm the most effective ways to meet your goals and construct your project. You will work with designers and technical architects to determine exactly how your project will flow and function.


Our process includes an intensive design goals meeting where our designers consult first hand with our clients. During this meeting, the designer learns more about the client's specific design goals and offers recommendations for how to achieve them. We prepare a design goals summary for each client before we start on their design.

Design approval

Once you send us a satisfaction acknowledgement on the designs, and give us a go ahead, we would request you to provide the confirmation via email.


Post the completion of the design and development process; we upload the constructed site on our servers for testing. You will have the access authority as well to view and test all segments. We will expect your comments, based on which required adjustments will be made.

Work Guarantee

We give complete assurance for our design work and quality.

Our Clients

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